AWS Services

Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is one of the amazon services that provides secure, scalable compute on the cloud. It is designed to make cloud computing easier for developers with minimal graphical fraction. Read More

AWS Storage

We provide a complete setup for your data to store on cloud. File Storage, Database, Backup Storage, or file transfer storage. A secure and safe data with world’s best technology at most secure and durable data center. Read More


We provide a structural and scale-able relational database system. We save your time and hurdle for setting up database, patching, and backups with hardware provisioning. Read More


Now get a complete handy setup of Server with OS and Networking to host or develop your application or software. We provide a private IP address to access another lightsail and a public IP address to access server remotely with static public IP address option. Read More


We provide a setup of amazon’s comprehensive fast content delivery network service which delivers the data, video or information securely up to the edge location with low latency and high-speed rate. We will make sure it communicates with TLS certificate. Read More

Integration Solution

Automation is a growing field. Which is more reliable and easier to monitor and control centrally. Now a days all major electric devices are used to integrate with short of BMS or SCADA.  We provide a perfect solution to integrate your PLC, UPS, Fire Alarm Panel, Surveillance System, Lighting Control system, VAV, VFD, HVAC, Temperature Sensor, Boiler, and many more with your SCADA or BMS. Read More
Application Hosting
Web Hosting