VyaPra International Inc. provides highly scalable and available Domain Name Service (DNS) AWS Route 53. Get a domain name with an IP address to access your server with name. AWS Route 53 is deeply associated with other amazon services like EC2, Storage, VPC, etc. We can make it associated with non-AWS resources. Assign nearest edge zone to your customer for easy and fast reachability with failover feature. We provide 100% availability, Easy Integration, and reliable traffic flow.

High Availability

Distributed DNS server helps user to easily route towards your application. It allows you to re route users to an alternate location if your primary application end point become unavailable.



It routes traffic based on client’s geographical location, health of network and end device and latency. You can apply multiple traffic policies and assign which policy applies at which time.


Route 53 is designed to automatically scale to handle exceptionally large query volumes without any intervention.