VyaPra International Inc. provides the best and reliable Amazon Web Services. Amazon is in Cloud service since March 2006. They started with few Amazon Web Service Solutions on their platform like EC2, S3 Cloud Storage and SQS (Simple Queue Service). They developed AWS (Amazon Web Service Solutions) for easy Maintenance of IT hardware and gradual cost reduction. Latest Storage, RAM, Processors, and other IT services are just one click ahead. AWS data Centers are available in 24 Regions with 76 availability zones and keep increasing. Let’s have brief info on it !

Elastic Compute Cloud


EC2 is one of the core services of AWS. It allows you to purchase scalable servers on your requirement. You can assign AMI based user authentication.


Storage is also one of the core products of AWS which is well-known as S3. It allows various storage platforms to store your valuable data like Application data, Website data, data archives, Hybrid cloud storage with scheduled replication facility.



Amazon provides single API platform to access your RDS instance. You can use/access your scalable database from your website or Application user interface. It mainly supports MySQL database with MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and many more.


Amazon provide Lightsail virtual server which is a combo platform that makes easy to deploy your websites and we applications with unlimited cost effective, fast, and reliable scaling capacity. User friendly for developer with an accessibility to its API.



CloudFront is a CDN service which offered by Amazon. Content Delivery Network provide a platform for proxy servers to prevent network traffic and save buffering time of media contents like videos, Shopping content, local guide information. Amazon serves on all edge locations of five continents.


CloudFormation is one of the best Automation features provided by Amazon. For easy and streamline deployment of amazon resource in fraction of time which actually takes hours of time to setup is being handled by the StackSets service.



Route53 is Domain Name Service provided by Amazon. The DNS requests are address on TCP or UDP port 53. You will get end-to-end DNS resolution over IPv4 and IPv6. It provides feature of modify DNS records via web browsers in few clicks.