VyaPra Internationa Inc. have 10 years of experience in the Building Automation Industry. Our objective is to provide best and affordable Building Automation Designing Solutions to our customers. One of the most demanding solutions are on PLC, SCADA, BMS, FirePanel and IIoT Integrations.

Advantages of using Building Automation Designing Solutions

  • Reduces Manpower Cost
  • Helps to get you a quick update on system health.
  • Saves Power and thereby reduces Cost of electricity.

With VyaPra International Inc. you will receive a perfect and affordable Automation Designing Solutions.

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Scenario 1:

In order to save power and cost of electricity, A client wanted to turn off few VAVs’ installed in the cinema when the cinema isn’t full.

We offered a simple and cost-effective solution to meet his requirement. We designed a solution in which a System calculates the audience present in the cinema and automatically controls the AC flow and manages the On/Off status of VAV.

Scenario 2:

At a refinery plant management team wanted to monitor fire alarm system remotely.

We offered an effective solution where in a customer would receive an SMS and an Email notification in an occurrence of fire.

Scenario 3:

In a Power Plant, Operation Management team wanted to monitor PLC and Boiler temperature and other attributes from a central location.

We suggested a ideal solution in which the team were able to remotely control and monitor all the devices on site and could also generate report for the same.