Elastic Compute Cloud


Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is one of the amazon services that provides secure, scalable compute on the cloud. It is designed to make cloud computing easier for developers with minimal graphical fraction. We can make Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud available in your country zone or else in the country zone where you want to target your audience. VyaPra International Inc make sure of 99.99% downtime of your instance. We will help you to get reliable, fully scalable, and structural infrastructure on demand. AWS EC2 is complianced with more than 89 security standards like PC-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, GDPR and many more which are important than any other cloud providers.

Shared Instance

Shared Server Resources

Data Security

Resource Cost Minimal “pay per use”

more beneficial in year term

Dedicated Instance

Dedicated Server Resources

Data Security

Cost effective reserved Instance 

Reduce cost by committing for 1- or 3- years

Save up to 70% on demand price


Host your website, Office Application, Personal Cloud Server with balance of compute, memory, and networking resources.

Compute Optimized

High end Application Hosting with powerful processor to run complex and bulky programs for scientific modeling, Game and Ad servers and more compute intensive application.

Accelerated Computing

It used to perform functions such as graphics processing, or data pattern matching, and perform software more effectively on CPU for multiple user accessible.


Instance with high speed to process large data sets.


It provides storage instance for small to large set of data to read/write access in a sequential format. It supports latest storage technology IOPS.