Software as a service (SaaS) aka Application Hosting is a growing technology after COVID19 pandemic. Dozens of office management tools get hit in pandemic time and BYOD (Bring your own Device) get boosted. For Sales, Accounts, support and in many more technologies a custom application demand is increasing day by day. VyaPra International Inc provide a perfect platform for Application Hosting.


We offer a platform on Amazon like EC2, Storage and Route 53 on which you can host your web-based application which you can access from anywhere in the world. Your development team can develop an application remotely from their home, office, or café. So, user can utilize application from anywhere anytime and work doesn’t get stopped.

Application Hosting

To develop a 3 Layered application or Hybrid Application, we offer 3 different instances to host your application.

Layer 1:

End User will interact directly with Client/Presentation tire which normally get written in JavaScript, HTML, CSS… This layer handles the client queries. If query flow raise, then Auto balancing facility of Layer 1 will add client servers, to avoid the delayed response from server to the user.. And if client traffic flow decreases then additional utilized server will automatically get released. This layer communicates with Layer 2 through application program interface (API) calls.

Layer 2:

It also known as Logic/Application layer. It used to be written in programming language like Java, Python and many more. And It links with Layer 1(Presentation Layer) and Layer 3(Database Layer). It is a bridge between Presentation layer and Data Layer. The underlying application tier can either be hosted on distributed servers in the cloud or on a dedicated in-house server, depending on how much processing power the application requires.

Layer 3:

It is a data layer which consist database and programming logics to read and write access on database. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Amazon Aurora etc.. are well known database management systems. This tier can also be used as a file storage.

Benefit of 3 tire application is that it can be developed concurrently by different development team on different server with less dependency on different language.